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230 Warren Street, Hudson, NY 12534
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About Us

Café Le Perche—bakery, bar and café ne plus ultra—is a project of Allan Chapin. On a side trip to Le Perche, in the south of Normandy, during a stay in Paris, Mr. Chapin fell in love with a loaf of bread. "The baker handed me a baguette, sliced in half, and I began to eat it. Suddenly I discovered I had eaten the whole baguette."

Mr. Chapin went about replicating a bit of la France profonde in the Hudson River Valley. He already owned a historic bank building on Warren Street…and the carriage house behind it makes a fine home for the massive oven he bought from a Percheron farmer and had shipped in a container to the United States.

The Oven

In 2002, Farmer-Baker Don Lewis began milling for his bakery expansion. Specializing in whole grains and flours, Wild Hive Farm uses an Amish-style stone-burr mill and granite grinding stones. “It’s basically the same machine that was used 100 years ago, with a few more bells and whistles,” Don says. Specializing in whole grains and flours, their grains are organic and sourced locally in New York’s Hudson Valley. Wild Hive Farm grinds fresh each week, so we get 100% of the germ and the full nutritional value and flavor from the whole grain.When Allan was looking for the freshest flour to use for the bread made here at Cafe Le Perche he knew that Wild Hive's quality was the right fit and Don had the experience to create a special blend just for us."

For our signature Baguette du Perche and Rustic Peasant loaves, we use a unique blend of flour that is organically grown and milled locally by Wild Hive Farm in Clinton Corners, NY. The blend was created to replicate a specific kind of flour used to make the baguette the Mr. Chapin fell in love with in Le Perche, France.


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All of our bread is baked in our own wood-fired brick oven.

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230 Warren Street
Hudson, NY 12534

518 822 1850

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